What’s New With Why Men Cheat

10 Explanations (but still definitely not every one) Exactly Why Men Stray on The Women They Love

Men and women stray for diverse reasons: men step out on their wives or girlfriends because they need approval, and women stray because they need attention.

I am merely giving a couple of possible explanations of exactly why men cheat. It’s what men are designed for. It’s a piece of their reproductive purpose. It’s a by-product of extended life spans, more numbing professions, and too much work. And it’s an instinctive refusal to give up one’s own need for the flawed and antiquated system of marriage.

1. After a certain age, we make a commitment to someone because we must have a culturally appropriate way to have sex with her on a continuous basis. If you’re in an emotionally satisfactory but sexually dead relationship, it can be more frustrating than having no one at all. Infidelity gets easy to justify.

2. She cheated on you, yet you love her too much to end it. If she cheated on you, she’s possibly already checked out. Turning the tables is not going to trouble her much. You’re just validating feelings she already had, and all you are likely to see is her butt one more time on the way out the door.

3. It doesn’t occur often, but when a beautiful woman comes on to you, especially if she knows you are married or in a committed relationship, it requires more willpower than the average guy has to turn that offer down. You may never see another chance like that. It’s even sexier if she’s married and cheating on her husband. Somehow, the benefit always appears higher than the danger.

4. Most men are unaware of their psychological needs until overpowered by them. This is the man who complains that he is not receiving the same love, attention, and affection from his wife as he received when they were first going out. Feeling trapped and worn out, he will turn to the extensive use of internet porn, amorous affairs, and sensual massage to meet the emotional needs he may not even know he has.

5. If a relationship starts great and continues for years, people change. She changed. You changed. And you can’t get back together. You don’t love her anymore. It is painful, but it is time to move on.

6. When sex becomes a chore (for either of you), you may find a woman who captivates you and brings out those feelings of lust and power and performance. One night stands are enjoyable, but having an affair with a woman with passion for you takes sex to a higher level. Especially if it is a bit forbidden or naughty.

7. Some men will turn to a different woman because they do not believe their efforts to bring home the bacon are appreciated. A greedy, shopaholic wife is sufficient to make an older man long for flower power, free love, and a less complicated life.

8. Many guys stay competitive throughout their lives. Conquest feels good. We need to be champions. What better way than by keeping a number of women happy.

9. Some men may find the regular routine of married life to be boring and dull. These men find it easier to move to another relationship and feel the fire instead of discovering methods of recharging their marriages. The extra-marital relationship offers them a ready made and fresh experience, which is appealing enough to take the risk.

10. Sex will forever be an integral part of marriage. While some men are content spending the remainder of their lives having sex with the same woman, others wish to experiment. They want to have sex with many women, and do not think twice before sleeping with others. Maybe it makes them feel sexually powerful and more proficient than others.

Throughout history, men have had numerous wives and lovers with the full knowledge of their tribes.

The bottom line is that there’s no good way to cheat-proof your relationship, but talking, understanding each other, and delivering physical and emotional support on a consistent basis is a step in the right direction.

If you ask a man if he’s unfaithful, and he’s extremely defensive and attempts to make you feel like you’re insane, that is a key warning sign. The unfaithful guy does more than lie. He will then attempt to turn it around and make the woman seem like she’s over the line. A man who has not cheated is usually more taken aback and surprised. If he denies it, start checking his phone. ~ https://txtromance.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/whymenlieandcheat.pdf

Even before she commits, she needs to know how to seize his heart and make him love her forever. The best defense is a good offense. ~ http://txtromance.com/capture-his-heart-and-make-him-love-you-forever-a-mans-view/

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Swedish Immigration

What Politicians Will not Inform You About Swedish Immigration ~ http://live-free-in-an-unfree-world.com

from The Swedish Welfare State Is on Fire:

“It turns out that open immigration, a generation of state handouts to immigrants, and tolerance greater than any in Western Europe has not work as planned. Surprise, surprise!

Two decades on, though, “white flight” has left only one in five of Husby’s flats occupied by ethnic Swedes, and many of their immigrant replacements do not seem to share his view that a new life in Sweden is a dream come true. Last week, the neighbourhood erupted into rioting, sparking some of the fiercest urban unrest that Sweden has seen in decades, and a new debate about the success of racial integration.

“In the old days, the neighbourhood was more Swedish and life felt like a dream, but now there are just too many foreigners, and a new generation that has grown up here with just their own culture,” he said, gesturing towards the hooded youths milling around in Husby’s pedestrianised shopping precinct.

“Also, in Sweden you cannot hit your children to discipline them, and this is a problem for foreign parents. The kids can feel they can cause whatever trouble they want, and the police don’t even arrest any of them most of the time.””

~ http://lewrockwell.com/north/north1285.html

When a welfare state offers to pay money for tranquility with more welfare creates anger. The actuality that white Swedes have money to use to calm the rioters enrages the rioters yet more.

Remove the Headache Out of Capturing His Heart

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Some adjustments I made, but quite honestly, it’s the improvements my now wife made over the years that made me grow up and step up to be the individual she needed, and the person I secretly wanted to be. As men, we don’t have to change unless a woman does the correct thing to make us wish to change.

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