Romance Impaired Strategies

the Romance Impaired Strategies

As an original member of the romantically challenged, I need all the assistance I can receive before birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day for the mother of my children, and any other day my better half designates is ripe for romance.

Just a start, but everybody has to begin somewhere. No matter what you spend, if she sees the effort, your return will be 10x. Check out our site TXTromance for more on how to text the romance back, or how to text your ex back.

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By Charles Lamm

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Decipher the Romance Impaired

Half of the populace is romance impaired. They are referred to as men. Here are several guidelines and tricks to get you through those particular days or to revive a romantic bond. Just recognize if you are a man, it is your responsibility and your job to fix it.

10 Rapid Romantic Strategies:

1. Organize a hot air ballooning trip as a surprise. Most trips begin with a glass of champagne before you drift over the countryside with your lover. Just make certain she is not frightened of heights.

2. When it comes to flowers, make sure to have them delivered to her workplace. And do not go economical. Women want their fellow workers to recognize they can get the job done at home as well as at work.

3. Always listen for things that your lover reminisces about and jot them down somewhere. For instance, perhaps she talks about the ice cream she enjoyed from a particular shop when she was a little girl. When a special occasion comes along, check your list of items your partner talks about and try to recreate one of them, such as buying that special ice cream.

4. Organize a secret trip for you and your lover. A number of travel agents will manage mystery packages where the destination of the journey is kept secret until you are literally on the plane or arrive at the destination.

5. If you are low on cash, a single long stem rose with a note can still add romance. “Thank you for coming into my life.”

6. If your lady has a pet, on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday, include a small present for the critters.

7. Write a note saying “I thought of you and it made me smile.” Leave the note somewhere where your partner is sure to find it, or text it to her phone.

8. If your lover has long hair, take the time to brush it using long slow strokes, particularly after she has had a shower or when she is preparing for bed.

9. When you and your lover are in a shopping mall or airport, stop at one of those cubicles that allow you to take an instant photo. Print them out as stickers. Kiss your partner while the photo is being taken.

10. If your significant other has voice mail at work or on her mobile phone, leave a message saying “Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you.” She will welcome this anytime but especially when she is going through a rough period.

10 suggestions are not a large amount, but it is more than sufficient to keep me occupied for a couple of years.

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Just a beginning, but everybody has to begin somewhere. But it pays huge dividends, above all physically. If a holiday or birthday is coming up, go high tech and make use of SMS to text your ex or romance back.

By Charles Lamm

What’s New With Why He Lies and Cheats

What’s New With Why He Lies and Cheats

If you are like most women, you’ve no doubt been lied to by a man. I can guarantee it. Can you prevent the guy you love from lying and cheating?

Way back in the 1960s, Bill Cosby had a comedy routine regarding his “Two Daughters”. He talked about what he did as a young man with the ladies. Lying to them. Cheating on them. And now he had 2 daughters. “The hunter has become the hunted.”

It’s hard to understand, but guys lie to women all the time.

Small stuff…

About stuff that doesn’t appear to be of importance at all . . .

Why will he not just speak the truth.

My friend Michael Fiore (a nationally acknowledged romance professional who’s helped thousands of women) states there are in reality 3 reasons that men lie to women (and two of them are in point of fact pretty simple . . . here is the first one that tends to SHOCK quite a few women.)

If a man has ever driven you mad, kept you up all night worrying or bewildered, or driven you to tears, then The Secret Survey is the step-by-step system which at last discloses the Honest truth about men…the truth every man in your life (even men who love you) has lied to you about and tried to keep secret from you.

According to Dr. John Gottman at the University of Washington, women can both enter and recover from extreme emotional states a lot faster and easier than guys are able to.

Makes perfect sense.

We’ve all seen a woman burst into tears one second only to be perfectly fine 5 minutes later.

But when it comes to feelings, guys are more “fragile”. Gottman says it’s because of evolution. Guys were evolved to be single taskers. To shove everything out of their mind except for the one thing they’re hunting. And because of that trait, they are slower to get into an emotional state and much slower to get back out of it after they get there.

Rather than share feelings and take a hit, adult men will lie and avoid emotional mine fields.

From a very early age, guys find out that if they tell women the truth, women may well FREAK OUT on them. Drown them with scary emotions .

Women have to know what kind of lies to watch for, when to accept the lies, and when to call a man’s lie without ruining the relationship.

It provides you insight into the brains of men . . .

Women are certainly not above telling “white lies” if it serves their purposes (“size doesn’t matter,” “we can still be friends,”), while at the same time demanding absolute honesty from guys.

But what is his position? Know what he thinks about you without him having to say a word.

Learn why he looks at other women, what it means when he looks at another woman, and what truly goes through his head when he sees a hot girl walking down the street.

Understand why men cheat – and how to negate your man’s desire to cheat on you just by saying a few simple words.

Understanding your man’s dirty mind is not rocket science. You have the talent to give him all the sexual excitement to keep him addicted to you.


Men and women were asked 1 question each:

Secret Survey Question Asked of Women:

“If you had telepathy and could read any man’s mind, what’s the one thing you would desperately want to know?”

The Secret Survey Question For Men:

“What’s the one thing you desperately wish women understood about men, but could never tell her?” .

Women responded with questions like:

– Does he truly love me?
– What does he think about me?
– How do I make him love me?
– Why does he become so quiet?
– Why does he stare at other women?
– Why do guys lie?
– Why doesn’t he talk to me?
– Is he being unfaithful to me at this time?
– Will he love me without end?

Top alpha males – married to desirable actresses, models, and socialites – cheat. Being married to a well-known man increases the odds he will stray. You really need to know why and work to prevent it, or at the least, take remedial action before you are too emotionally drawn in.

And the men (over 21,000 were polled), notorious for shutting down when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions, abruptly opened their hearts and contributed information like:

– What men actually needed from women
– What men really wanted in bed
– Why they stray
– Why they lie to women
– What women do that hurts
– How women emotionally destroy men without even comprehending it
– Why it is so hard to remain faithful

Discover the Real Reason ALL Men Lie To Women They Adore And Learn How To Discover How He Truly Feels About You Without Him Saying A Word…

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