Decipher the Romance Impaired

Half of the populace is romance impaired. They are referred to as men. Here are several guidelines and tricks to get you through those particular days or to revive a romantic bond. Just recognize if you are a man, it is your responsibility and your job to fix it.

10 Rapid Romantic Strategies:

1. Organize a hot air ballooning trip as a surprise. Most trips begin with a glass of champagne before you drift over the countryside with your lover. Just make certain she is not frightened of heights.

2. When it comes to flowers, make sure to have them delivered to her workplace. And do not go economical. Women want their fellow workers to recognize they can get the job done at home as well as at work.

3. Always listen for things that your lover reminisces about and jot them down somewhere. For instance, perhaps she talks about the ice cream she enjoyed from a particular shop when she was a little girl. When a special occasion comes along, check your list of items your partner talks about and try to recreate one of them, such as buying that special ice cream.

4. Organize a secret trip for you and your lover. A number of travel agents will manage mystery packages where the destination of the journey is kept secret until you are literally on the plane or arrive at the destination.

5. If you are low on cash, a single long stem rose with a note can still add romance. “Thank you for coming into my life.”

6. If your lady has a pet, on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday, include a small present for the critters.

7. Write a note saying “I thought of you and it made me smile.” Leave the note somewhere where your partner is sure to find it, or text it to her phone.

8. If your lover has long hair, take the time to brush it using long slow strokes, particularly after she has had a shower or when she is preparing for bed.

9. When you and your lover are in a shopping mall or airport, stop at one of those cubicles that allow you to take an instant photo. Print them out as stickers. Kiss your partner while the photo is being taken.

10. If your significant other has voice mail at work or on her mobile phone, leave a message saying “Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you.” She will welcome this anytime but especially when she is going through a rough period.

10 suggestions are not a large amount, but it is more than sufficient to keep me occupied for a couple of years.

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Just a beginning, but everybody has to begin somewhere. But it pays huge dividends, above all physically. If a holiday or birthday is coming up, go high tech and make use of SMS to text your ex or romance back.

By Charles Lamm


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