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It does not matter if you are single, dating, in a relationship or married. You can ignite a spark with a well thought out text. To be successful with this method, it is vital to have an awareness of the male mind. Men are visual creatures. You must be able to draw pictures to make him devoted to you.

Think about what motivated your man when you first met. There was excitement. There was adventure. He could not get enough of you. But after people get to know each other, they fail to remember how to create attraction in their relationships.

When women think about romance, they think about it a great deal differently than men do. In order for your guy to want to please you, you have to start thinking and behaving in ways that will encourage him to respond.

No more texting him mundane details. No more asking him run errands or asking him when is he coming home. Make use of text messages for positive things. Make him feel like a man with your text messages. The first text that I propose you send is this. “I can’t stop thinking about …”. Wait and see where he takes this message. You can have him fantasizing some pretty decent thoughts about you with this message.

In spite of how long you’ve been together, the key is understanding how to generate intense desire in your man by learning some easy tips like appealing to his desire to please you.

Exact text messages are available to help you text the romance back. –

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